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 Merle Campbell Law

Free Initial Consultation

Call (604) 539-2212

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we remain accessible

by phone at (604) 539-2212, by email at

or in-person by appointment.

Our firm specializes in Family Law and Mediation and offers both free initial consultations and unbundled services. We assist those individuals who require an experienced Family Lawyer or Mediator to provide their case with individualized solutions. Merle Campbell has tried cases before all levels of BC Courts, including Provincial, Supreme, and Appeal, and has over 20 years of experience in mediation.


If you are distressed because of litigation or changes in your family dynamics; if you require protection for your legal rights to your children, property, or reasonable support payments; we are here to help you navigate these difficult times.


At Merle Campbell Law, we offer 25 years of accessible, effective, and affordable support in a client-centered resolution of your issues. We focus on fair and just resolutions using various alternatives to court, including Collaborative Settlements, Negotiated Agreements, and Mediated Solutions. Your case will be handled through knowledgeable and effective legal representation.   

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