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Happy Children

After separation, the Divorce Act acknowledges your right to an active role in your children's lives with the title of "Custody" while the Family Law Act acknowledges your right with the title of "Guardianship."


How your separated family can promote the best interests of each child becomes the goal and focus of court decisions in this area. Each child deserves a loving, stable, healthy, non-violent, and emotionally secure place to grow into the best adult they can become. 


Each parent's ability to contribute to these goals, to act responsibly in executing their duties as parents, and to put their children's needs before their own, must be considered. In all but exceptional circumstances, a child loves each parent, and both parents contribute and enrich their life. A plan that promotes a cooperative and respectful relationship between separating parents is the ideal.

Securing your long term rights to be involved with your children is a major focus of our firm. Call for a free consultation.

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