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Family Dispute

Have you, or your partner, decided to bring an end to the relationship?

A divorce can be mentally, emotionally, and even physically draining. Our goal is to alleviate some of that stress. We will help you understand and navigate the challenges you and your family may face when creating this new chapter of your life.
Divorce, under the Divorce Act, legally brings ends a lawful marriage. Only a Judge of the Supreme Court issue a Final Divorce Order, upon receiving proof of entitlement, including irreconcilable differences and separation of over one year; adultery; or physical and mental cruelty. Neither partner can prevent a Divorce from proceeding.


Separated spouses need to legally resolve other family issues, including entitlement to property and support. In circumstances where there are children, a Judge will refuse to finalize a Divorce if the children's issues are unresolved. However, in most circumstances, other outstanding family issues delay the final Divorce Order until resolved. 
While many separated people want to move on with their new life quickly,  there may be some individuals that benefit from delaying a Divorce. For example, the continued entitlement of a spouse to medical benefits, which terminate on Divorce, or to better utilize various tax strategies, or to facilitate joint business interests, or to encourage a fairer resolution, may benefit from a delay.

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